Twin Cities KTC AND Hay river KTC Buddhist Meditation Centers

Details from shrine room at KTD Monastery, Woodstock, NY


The Buddha often talked about impermanence, that everything is constantly changing.  We know the good times don’t last and our bodies don’t either.  However the bad times also don’t last and because of impermanence we can grow and change.  Appreciation and gratitude, love and compassion, along with wisdom help us develop contentment in spite of the chaos.

This program explores the ideas and methods found in Buddhism that can lead to experiencing more satisfaction and contentment in life.  It includes talks and  discussion.  There will be sitting, walking, and guided meditation with detailed meditation instruction so that you leave with everything you need to establish a daily meditation practice.  Hearing about contentment is good.  Experiencing it through hearing, contemplation, and meditation is better.

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Lama Yeshe presented this topic as a residential retreat at the Christine Center near Willard, WI.  Lama Yeshe is a fully ordained monk in the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and is the resident teacher at Hay River KTC Buddhist Meditation Center outside of Ridgeland, WI.  See our website for a schedule of events and additional information about activities at the center.