Khenpo Ugyen


Health & Healing Using Buddhist Wisdom:  Introduction

Our minds naturally turn toward healing and health, just like our bodies do when sick or injured.  This program is geared to encourage the natural healing process and develop healthier ways of looking at ourselves and the world around us.  By using Buddhist wisdom practices we can connect with our noble heart and engage the healing process.  A healthy mind experiences happiness, inner peace, love, and contentment.

Khenpo Ugyen talked about how karma is infallable but also stressed the importance of confession and purification in altering the karmic results of our actions.  He introduced the 8 Medicine Buddha brothers, explained the names and aspirations of three or four of them (we did not get through them all) and we recited their names to invoke the healing activities that each of them embody.

Khenpo Ugyen gave us the reading transmission and the empowerment of the Medicine Buddha.  Having both of these are very important especially if one plans to perform the Medicine Buddha sadahna.  They make the practice more powerful and effective.