Twin Cities KTC AND Hay river KTC Buddhist Meditation Centers

Lama Kathy Wesley


Breath After Breath – Buddhism in Daily Life

When we think of Buddhism, we might call to mind images of Shakyamuni Buddha, sitting peacefully on a lotus flower, and wonder how the teachings of such a person might help us in the busy “real world” we inhabit. This program will describe how Buddhist teachings apply to everyday situations, including the workplace, the home, and the classroom. 

Aspiration and Inspiration:
Deepening Our Dharma Practice

The study and practice of the Buddha’s teachings could be said to be a journey of ever-deepening wisdom and compassion. We may have read many books, attended many teachings, and done hours and hours of meditation practice. But it seems there is always more to learn and to cultivate. This workshop offers advice on how to maintain and deepen our inspiration and aspiration for dharma study and practice over the long haul, and how meditation, recitation, compassion and devotion can make our journey even deeper still.  Based on aspiration prayers, wisdom songs, guru yoga, and compassion practice.

The Hay River KTC Buddhist Meditation Center is located near Ridgeland, WI.  We were so happy to have Lama Kahty here for a weekend of teachings.  The center is dedicated to the teachings and practices of the authentic Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.  Lama Yeshe, a fully ordained monk in this tradition, is the resident teacher.  See our website at