I gave a talk in Alpine, Texas while in that part of the state. The talk was on Healing Emotions. Here is a overview for those who missed it:

Some emotions create wounds while others create healing. Our minds naturally want to heal when injured just like our bodies. The difference is the body tries to return to the state it was in before the injury. Our minds, on the other hand, actually can grow and go beyond where it was before the emotional injury. Post traumatic growth is an example of this. The source of emotional wounds is clinging to a solid sense of self and the 5 poisons: passion/desire, resentment/anger, ignorance, jealousy and greed. Their influence needs to be reduced in our lives if we are to heal and grow. Otherwise we keep injuring our emotional wounds and creating more. Beneficial emotions are forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude, humor, remorse (guilt is not healing), empathy, compassion, love, and mindfulness. All of these lead to feelings of satisfaction and contentment as well as the accumulation of wisdom.