Where ever I go to teach I meet people who are suffering from the results of trauma. Not everyone tells me about their childhood experience, not even in private, but I estimate up to 50% of the people who attend my teachings have childhood trauma. When I was a prison chaplain for the state of Wisconsin I found the prison system is full of people who experienced childhood trauma. This is a workable situation. You can go from being a victim (or survivor) of trauma to a person who experienced trauma in the past. There are many methods in Buddhism that are extremely helpful in going to the root of the problem and transforming one’s life. In the Seven Points of Mind Training there is the saying “Manure for the field of awakening.” If you look at your past as shit it is a big problem. If you can see it as manure and learn proper manure handling techniques you find you are rich in resources for growth. Three of my favorite programs are THE HEALING POWER OF FORGIVENESS, EMOTIONAL HEALING FROM TRAUMA and USING LIFE’S MANURE FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Please contact me if you would like me to teach in your area.

Let’s get to work.   — Lama Yeshe

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