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Medicine Buddha Teaching and Practice

Learn to do the short Medicine Buddha practice.   Lama Yeshe will go through the text, step by step.  Khenpo Ugyen gave both the Medicine Buddha Empowerment and the reading transmission on February 16 and 17.  These, together with the instructions, make the practice of Medicine Buddha most effective.

During Khenpo Ugyen’s visit to our center in February, we started learning about the aspirations of the Seven Tathagatas who became the retinue of the Medicine Buddha.  We learned that those aspirations provide the means by which we can pray to them and receive blessings which can reduce suffering — both immediately, and in the long term — for beings who are in a number of unpleasant situations due to their harmful actions in previous lives (and the negative karma that accumulated as a result).
On Sunday, March 31st, Lama Yeshe continued this topic, teaching us the 12 aspirations of the primary Medicine Buddha as well as explaining some fundamentals of vajrayana practice.  “Practice Dharma and experience the result as happiness. As you progress, your happiness becomes stable, and your desires/greed will settle down.”

Very kindly, Lama Yeshe also taught us the chants and visualization for the Short Medicine Buddha practice, which can produce lasting benefit.  “Even if the condition can’t change, one’s response to it can.”  I am so grateful to have been taught this rich and very condensed practice which can be done at home or anywhere, to bring blessings and healing to the environment and to all beings, including ourselves.

The Hay River KTC Buddhist Meditation Center is located near Ridgeland, WI.  The center is dedicated to the teachings and practices of the authentic Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.  Lama Yeshe, a fully ordained monk in this tradition is the resident teacher.  See our website at