Twin Cities KTC AND Hay river KTC Buddhist Meditation Centers

April 28  Mindfulness & Meditation

Four middle school students and five adults from the Unitarian Society joined Lama Yeshe and KTC members for an exploration of Mindfulness and Meditation.  The students were very curious and asked great questions.  The group did Chenrezig practice together, and had some more time for questions before a short tea break.

The second session focused on meditation.  There were many experiential activities to help illustrate the meaning and impact of mindfulness.  There was meditation on an object. Meditation on sound using a mantra.  Meditation on eating raisins.  Again there were very good questions asked.  Everyone left feeling a bit lighter!

The Hay River KTC Buddhist Meditation Center is located near Ridgeland, WI.  The center is dedicated to the teachings and practices of the authentic Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.  Lama Yeshe, a fully ordained monk in this tradition is the resident teacher.  See our website at