Wall painting detail at KTD Monastery


We have inner resources to help us live a more sustainable life.  It is easy to see what we don’t have and miss what we do have.  Mindfulness is paying attention to what is happening in the present.  When we do, we can experience both satisfaction and appreciation for what is happening.  From that develops gratitude, for people, elements of the natural world, animals, even technology.  We can also begin to see that satisfaction and contentment can come from simplicity, and simplicity is less work than complexity.  Instead of worrying and planning for the future, filling up the present with lots of activity and living in the past, we can learn how to experience the present fully and completely.  It has been said “take time to smell the flowers”.  Our lives are constantly unfolding and blooming, why not appreciate this?  This talk will investigate these areas and will include a brief mindfulness exercise.

The Hay River KTC Buddhist Meditation Center is located near Ridgeland, WI.  The center is dedicated to the teachings and practices of the authentic Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.  Lama Yeshe, a fully ordained monk in this tradition is the resident teacher.  See our website at www.ktchayriver.org.

Lama Yeshe in shrine room at Hay River KTC