Twin Cities KTC AND Hay river KTC Buddhist Meditation Centers

Tara is a female Bodhisattva. Her Tibetan name, Jetsunma Pakma Drolma, means Exalted Female Liberator. She bestows health and long life and freedom from fear. She represents both an enlightened being and our own enlightened essence and potential.

Our precious guru Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche said that Tara is ultimately the nature of the dharmadhatu itself, with no single appearance and no single color, but because she is active in the realms and experiences of sentient beings, she is perceived in different ways. Twenty-one Taras are described in the Buddha’s original teachings; in the White Tara form, she is known as the Wish-Fulfilling Wheel.

While physical meetings are suspended due to the pandemic, our kind Lama is providing online teachings and practice instructions.

On the first Sunday of each month, at 10:30 AM Central Time (see the Schedule page for upcoming group practices), Lama Yeshe will lead us in the White Tara group practice online using Zoom.

All are invited to join in and chant these beautiful prayers from home.

May all beings be free of suffering!

The Hay River KTC Buddhist Meditation Center is located near Ridgeland, WI. The center is dedicated to the teachings and practices of the authentic Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Lama Yeshe, a fully ordained monk in this tradition is the resident teacher. See our website at